Wednesday, June 2, 2010

day off good time for a really epic hike

Yesterday was election day in Korea so we had the day off work. I made a plan to go for a super duper epic hike with my friend Danny. We met up at 11 and took a bus that only goes 6 times a day out to the base of TaeHwa Mountain(the highest mountain in Yongin city). There is a ridge of mountains all the way from there up to Danny's house in Gwangju city so we decided we would attempt to hike the whole thing. According the the map that route would take about 7.5 hours! At the top of Taehwasan a random group of hikers eating lunch called us over and invited us to eat with them. It was really funny and we had a nice conversation all in korean with them. They gave a us a lot of food too. After 30 minutes of free food we continued on. Then we found another group that offered us more free food! We also ran into people who were parasailing which basically involves jumping off a mountain with a parachute and sailing around in the air!! Looked pretty scary to me! The hike ended at 7pm or so when we finally hiked to the end of ridge. It was really fun but Im really sore today!

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