Monday, October 18, 2010

Camping, Training and My dad coming for a visit.

Last Friday I went camping with some of my friends in the woods near Yangji. It was really fun. We cooked steak over the camp fire and the weather wasn't too cold. Saturday I went for a 5 hour bike ride with Danny and my Korean bike friend Chang Jo who I ride with every week. It was a really hard course and the ride was only 11okm but felt a lot longer. There were a lot of hills and false flats but it was a really pretty route. My dad is in Korea this week for business meetings so I got to meet him on Sunday in Seoul. We went to the Korean War Memorial and had lunch before he took the KTX (like a bullet train) to Busan for a diabetes conference. It was a busy but fun weekend. This sunday I have a race thats a 70km TTT!

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