Monday, November 1, 2010

good weather training for the last race of the year

so my last race wasn't great. my front derailleur cable slipped at the start and I coulnd't get into the big ring. anyway I fixed it now and I have one more race left so im focusing on that. its an 80km road race with a few 1-2km hills in it. should be a good course for me. I got new disc brakes for my mtb. the ones I had for the last 4 years just stopped working well for some reason I put new pads and cables but they just didn't stop well so I got some hydralic XT brakes and they are awesome!! I have been riding single track almost every day since I got them. I forgot how much fun mtb riding is. It rained a lot this summer and I didn't ride off road because my brakes sucked for the past 5 months. but now they are great and the has been really dry so the trails are in great shape. I have about 5 single track courses that all take about 1 hour or so right around my house so I have been exploring them again. I will write a review of my race season after this last race!
In other news. My friends Kazuki and Asami who showed me and allan around japan came to visit korea. We took them to the big amusement park near my house on saturday and had a party with a bunch of friends on friday. It was great to get to help them have a good time in korea after how much they helped me in japan.
I'm going to take the GMAT during the first week of january. I need to start studying. If you have any good business school advice let me know!


Lee said...

Nice blog! I like your writing way. I'm doing practice GMAT here: . I hope it's useful for GMAT test takers.

Derek Laan said...

thanks I will check it out!