Monday, November 8, 2010

hiking in the fog, nami island and it turns out there is one more race

Last week was another good one! On Saturday I went out to Yongmun mountain about 1 hour east of seoul with John (who used to race for inferno racing) (what a small world), khai and alex. It was super foggy but not raining. Unfortunately we couldn't enjoy the view because we couldn't really see more than 20 feet in front of us! The mountain was over 3300 ft high and the trail was awesome really challenging and rocky. Sunday I went with Yujin to Nami island which is an island in a reservoir thats part of the han river also north and east of seoul. You had to ride a boat to get to the island. It is a popular place on the weekends and we had to wait in line for almost 1 hour to get back on the boat to the car!! It was a big flat grassy island and they had ostriches walking around!! It was a good weekend but a lot of driving!! My legs are super sore from the hike too because john and i decided to run down part of it which basically destoryed my quads!! I have this whole week to rest before the race. Which it turns out isn't the end of the season after all. There is one more race in down town seoul at the end of november. it starts in down town and finishes on top of a mountain. Should be a pretty cool race but probably really cold if the weather keeps up like this! I got my huge GMAT book in the mail on monday and im ready to start studying! I should have plenty of time to study during december as my work will calm down a lot when my after school programs finish. Im feeling pretty good about the race this weekend and will write a recap after its done!

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