Thursday, January 20, 2011

English camp is over and Chris is coming!

Today 2 big things are happening! My 2 week english camp at school just finished and my old roommate from Purdue Chris Uberti is coming here to visit me and will be here in 4 hours!!! Im excited I think it will be really fun. This weekend we are gonna tour around seoul mostly and then Monday tuesday and wednesday we are going on a road trip to gangwon province to ski and tour the DMZ (border between north and south korea). thats as far ahead as I planned for certain but I think we are probably going to visit incheon and do a boat ride, as well as have dinner with my bike team one night. My english camp was actually really fun and easy this time around. The only part about it that is tiring is that it is 6 classes a day which is a long time to be teaching. I think ive become a much better teacher since coming here and thats a big part of why it is more fun and more easy. After Chris leaves it will be time to get back down to business as far as studying for the GMAT goes. Im going to give it one more go in April because I know I can improve my math score a lot if I study and practice a little bit more. But this week should be really relaxing and fun!

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