Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chris is going home!

Well chris is going back to the US today! We had a good time and are both exhausted now from the trip! The road trip to gangwon province was really fun. We skiied a lot, ate raw fish by the ocean and visited the DMZ. We got to look into north korea across the border but all we could see was mountains! After the trip we went skiing at the Yangji pine resort one day, had lunch with my co teacher and went out to Hongdae. Chris also got to experience Nore bang or singing room which was a lot of fun. This last weekend we went to Wolmi Island in Incheon one day and we ate grilled clams by the ocean. It was freezing cold so the last day we went to the Korean war memorial and shopped. Now that the trip is over its time for me to get refocused on studying for the gmat and get ready to go back to work at school in a week. I still have a week of vacation to relax and recover though! I think I will ski, do some hiking and if the weather is good get back out on my road bike.

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