Sunday, December 11, 2011

Skiing Time and Schools almost over!!

It finally got a bit colder last week and now they have 4 runs open at the Yangji Pine Resort.  I've been skiing twice so far but it looks like it will be warm for the next few days so I might wait until later in the week to go again.  This past weekend was pretty fun and busy! My friend Chi Ha had a birthday party on Friday night in Seoul which was a blast.  Saturday at lunch I had a co worker's wedding to go too and I drove the other young teachers who work at my school since I'm the only one who has a car.  The wedding was good and I got to see my old Co Teacher from last year.  Sunday was my  Cannonldale RPM team end of the year party.  We all had dinner together with our sponsors and other people who help the team at a really nice buffet in Seoul.  It was great to get the whole team together.  I only have a week an a half left of work until winter vacation starts and then I'm going to visit my parents and sister in Germany for 2 weeks!  Also by the end of this week I will begin to know the results of the MBA programs I've applied too!

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