Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hot Training Miles!

I haven't had any races the past two weekends so I have been focusing on getting some good training miles in.  Last Thursday and Friday I didn't work so I decided I would ride my mountain bike out to visit my friend Matt in Jecheon.  This is the same city where I did the 100km mountain bike race in June.  I have no idea how long the ride was distance wise but it took me about 5.5 hours of riding time and I was outside for 7 hours!  This included 2 flat tires and 4 stops to get water and eat.  It was an awesome ride and towards the end included one really hard climb (2-3km at over 15%). 

Friday Matt took me on a ride to see some of his local trails that I didn't get to ride in the 100km race.  The first part was a ride on the 2012 Asian Championship XC course.  It was definitely the most brutal XC course I have ever seen anywhere.  It was 95% single track and any section that was uphill basically had to be ridden in the smallest gear on the bike.  The main climb was a 1.5km section that I would be surprised if anyone could ride to the top with out walking.  Once we got to the top of the climb we rode some awesome single track along the ridge line before dropping back down to the road.  After that I rode up to the Wonju Bus Terminal and took a bus(with my bike underneath in the luggage area) back to Yangji.  On the way though I rode some awesome double track that Matt told me about.   It was actually marked as a mountain bike course and Matt said he had done a race there a few years ago. 

This week I started English Camp at my school but I have still been getting a lot of good riding in.  Monday I rode some new roads in Icheon and ended it with a nice hard climb through the Jisan Ski Resort.  This weekend I'm racing a circuit race in Geumsan that I'm hoping to do well in.  Its a flat course with lots of corners so it should be a good one for me. 

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