Monday, July 9, 2012

A suprise weekend of big rides

This past weekend I was supposed to go on a trip with all of my coworkers from school but Friday afternoon they cancelled it.  Terrible weather and other circumstances led to me having no plans for Friday night or Saturday. 
Friday afternoon, I was chatting with Dan a bike friend of mine online and he invited me to join is team Team Storm Riders (a new team thats half foreign riders and half Korean riders) on Saturday morning.  The ride was way up in Gapyeong near the border with North Korea and was going to be an exteremly epic route so I decided to go. 
I stayed at Dan's house Friday and we left at 6:30am Saturday morning.  The ride had great weather, a great course and great guys to ride with.  The first climb was over 10km long and climbed to 3000 ft of elevation.  There were 4 more climbs after that each of which gained over 1000 ft of elevation.  After the ride we all cooled off in a river that we had been descending next to for about 20km.  I'm usually not a big fan of group rides but this was definitely a great opportunity to ride an awesome course.  Thanks to Team Storm Riders for letting me come along on the ride. 

Sunday I showed a group of mountain bikers around on my trails.  Its a foreign mountain bike club from Seoul and I thought some of my trails would be good for them to take their group on.  Jerry, the leader of the group, brought his pick up truck out and we used it to shuttle to the top of the hills and then ride the single track down.  One of the member's of the club, Arden, was a big help as he was our driver for the day!  It was nice not having to do much up hill or road riding and just get to ride single track. 
Sunday afternoon after the group went home Yujin came over and we went out to a really awesome duck restraunt near my town. 

This weekend, I'm racing in Tae An.  Its a 53km road race and I think I have a good chance to win.  Also, I found one more race to add to my calendar.  On August 4th as part of the Korean Student's National Race there will be an amateur criterium.  It will be fun to race and then get to watch middle, high school and I believe college racers from all over Korea compete. 

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