Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The start of the sort of off season/ 시즌끝났지만 좀타야겠다

My race on November the 11th was the last one of my Korean racing season.  There was actually another cyclocross race scheduled for the 25th of November but it got cancelled/delayed until an unknown date due to the presidential election in mid December.  I was really looking forward to doing another cross race here in Korea, maybe they will reschedule it for January or February next year.
Since racing is over I've been starting to think about wanting to go skiing but since I moved to Seoul for business school this year didn't think I would be able to get a season ski ticket anywhere.  However lucky for me one of my other classmates bought one for Star Hill resort ( which is located only about 20 miles from our school!  I'm going to get one too and we are going to hopefully go skiing after school at least a few times a week.

While I'm excited for the ski season I'm also trying to stay in shape for my trip to India which will involve an 8 day tour/race.  Saturday I went out and did a 100km or so ride with a group of guys I've been riding with.  We went out to a Namhansanseong which is a pretty nice climb just south of Seoul.  It was gradually up hill for 5 or 6 km and then had a really awesome twisty downhill back to the outskirts of Seoul.  This weekend I will hopefully get out for another nice ride and hopefully by next week the ski resort will be open!

지난 강진 산악 자전거 대회 내가 이번시즌 마지막 시합아얐어요.  11월 25일 한국사이클로크로스 연맹대회  있었지만 대선 때문에 연기/취소 됬어요.  나 그 대회 너무타고싶었어요!  내년 1월이나2월 하면 꼭 가야겟다.
자전거 시즌끝났어서 나 스키 생각시작했어요!  이번에 대학원때문에 서울 로 이사했어서 시즌권까지 못할거같았지만 우리 학교 에있는 재호형  스타힐 리조트 시즌권 사자했어요.  리조트작지만 우리 학교랑 제일 까가운스키장 이니까  시즌권가고 많이 타볼거에요!
지난주에 시즌끝났지만 인도 대회 위에서 나 좀탔어요.  같이 타는 형들 몆명 이랑 남한산성갔다왔어요.  생각보다 남한산성 재미있었어요!  내리막 길 완전 좋았어요!  이번주말에도 조금 긴라이딩 코스 해봐야겟다 그리고 다음주 스키장 오픈 하면 갈거에요!

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Venky said...

Great to have you here in India, Derek. Loved the way you rode the Tour of Nilgiris. Have a good time for the rest of the vacation. I look forward to following your blog regularly.