Monday, April 8, 2013

Gapyoung and New 29er 가평이랑 첫 29인치라이딩 더보기

I had my first race of the season last weekend.  It was a 60kmish road race in Gapyoung north or Seoul.  The pack was 300 riders but luckily the course had a pretty big climb that we did 4 times that thinned out the pack pretty quick.  The race also finished with a 3kmish climb meaning I didn't have much confidence for a good finish since I'm normally more of a sprinter than a climber.  My goal was to hit the final climb with the lead pack and then just ride steady to the finish.  I also wanted to help one of my teammates Hwan Geol who had won the first race of the 6 race series this was a part of.  Unfortunately though he was suffering from a cold and didn't have great legs. 
I acheived my goal of making it to the final climb with the lead pack and finished 39th.  Hyung Mo Lee, a super strong rider who consistently beat me when we were in break aways together last year, broke away solo and finished more than a minute up on the pack.  But the best finish of the day came from my two teammates Myo Jin and Sang Jun who both won their age categories.  Sangjun is a high school student who joined my team last year and is a really good climber but doesn't have much power for the flats yet.  He was riding well and stormed the final climb to win the under 30 age group and finish 6th overall.  It was a pretty amazing result considering he is only 16!  Myo Jin is our star girl rider and it wasn't a big surprise that she won the women's category.
This past weekend I finally got to take my new Cannondale 29er off road.  I went down to Yongin near where I used to teach to ride some fire roads and was very impressed.  I climbed a hill that I never cleared in 3 years of living in Yongin.  I think the big wheels help keep traction better when climbing steep stuff.  I'm looking forward to taking it out for some mountain bike races soon.  This weekend I'm doing a 50km road race on it which should be pretty fun. 

지난주못썼지만 나 가평 마스터즈 대회 갔다왔어요.  가평 코스 너무 어려워서 내 하고싶은거그냥 마지막 언덕까지 앞그룹이랑타고싶었어요.  환걸형도 도와주고싶었는데 코스 너무 힘들었어서 잘못도와졌어요. 나 39등하고탔어요! 첫대회이야서괜찮아요.  내결과별로이얐지만 우리팀 막내 상준이 너무 잘탔어요.  상준이 원래 언덕잘타니까 이코스 너무 잘탈수있었는거이얐어요.  마지막언덕에서 상준이 너무 빨리타고 전체6등하고 시니어 1등했어요!! 묘진누나도 여자부1등했어요! 
이번주 나 두디어 새 캐논데일 29인치 오프로드 코스 타로갔어요.  용인에 친구 파티있어서 자전거 가지가고  묵리 임도코스 탔어요.  29인치 바귀 찐자 생각 보다 좋아요.  원래 못타는언덕 잘올로갈수잇어요!  큰바귀 grip 너무새요!  첫 어프로드대회 기대해요 하지만 이번주말에  트랙대회 엠티비로드로 나가요!  아마도 가평이나 무주 첫  찐자 엠티비대회이얄거같아요. 


John Paul Jose said...

29 inch wheels absolutely do amazing things for traction and conserving momentum on rough stuff. I used a 29er hardtail for a 24 hour relay that I had done with a 26 inch full suspension several times before. With the bigger wheels the climbs were so much easier! Enjoy your new bike. Which model is it? Scalpel?

Derek Laan said...

It's an F-2 carbon hardtail. Most of the racing I do is on fire roads here so I figured a hardtail would be faster.