Monday, April 15, 2013

Trek Race Report: 2nd Place 트렉 레이스데이 후기: 2등했어요!

Last Saturday I participated in the Trek race which was held in Tae An on the west coast of Korea.  Tae An is one of my favorite places to race and I have a pretty good record of racing there.  In 2010 in my first race there I won and then last year I finished second.  I was hoping to step back up to the top of the podium this time. 
It was a super windy day and I was racing in the Men's Senior (age 20-30) MTB road division.  On the start list there were nearly 100 riders listed but there were a lot less who actually showed up and due to the wind the pack broke apart really quickly.  After just a few miles it was just me, MunSu Jin (a really fast rider in just his 3rd year racing) and Yujin Jeong (a rider from the Giant team who I am usually close to in races).  I thought I had the best sprint of our group so my goal was just to maintain my energy to the finish but Munsu had other plans.  There are 2 hills on the course and going up the second one he attacked hard.  Yujin and I were unable to follow and he opened a gap up.  We continued to chase on the flats and finally caught him with about 10km of flat windy road to go.  Also at this point my old teammate Ji Haeng who was racing in the veteran category had caught up to my group and began pulling us at a pretty high pace.  With one K to go he told us to start sprinting for the win in our group and backed off the gas.  I sat back and then Munsu attacked.  I waited for Yujin to chase but he couldn't get on MunSu's wheel.  At this point he had a few meters on us and then I went.  I had let the gap get too big however and couldn't close it.  I sat up and got back in Yujin's draft then passed him again right at the line.  I was happy with second place but disappointed that I didn't immediately follow MunSu when he attacked since I think I maybe could have gotten him on the line.  Second was still a great result though considering I'm not in as a good of shape as I was this time last year.  This weekend I have a break from racing since I have final tests next week and in 2 weeks I have a flat road race which is the next stop in the Korea Cycling Federation's Amateur race series. 

지난주토요일 태안에있는 트렉레이스데이 다녀왔어요.  저 태안에있는대회 좋아요왜냐하면 나거기서 좋으결과 나왔어요.  2010년TDK 프리테스트에서 일등하고 장년 2등했어요.  이번에다니 일등으로 올로가고싶었어요.  나 이번에 남자시니어 MTB타로왔어요 그로기 이거 내새캐논대일산악자전거 첫경기이얐어요.
토요일에 바람너무 열심히 불렀지만 날씨좋았어요.  스타트하고 5분타고 내그릅에 3명 남고있었어요!  나 진문수랑 정유진형이랑 같이피니쉬까지 타면 나 라스트치고 할거예요 햇어요.  하지만 문수가 다른계획있었어요!  두번째언덕에서 문수 어택하고  나갔어요.  나 유진이랑 잡아봤지만 차이있었어요.  하지만  평지 나오고 우리 10키로 정도 남을때 잡았어요.  그리고 지행형 우리 3명 잡았어요.  지행형 앞에타고 너무 빨리뒤였어요.  1키로 남을때 형이 안녕하고 우리 3명 스프린트시작!  나 뒤에 다다하고 먼저 문수갔어요.  유진형 잡아봤지만 못잡고 나 좀다다하고 나갔어요 하지만 나도 못잡았어요그래서 다시 유진형 다다하고 마지막 50미터에 갔어요 2등하고. 아쉽지만 2등 하고했어서 좋았어요.  문수 스프린트 시작 할때 꼭 가야했는데 기다렸어서 못잡았어요.  문수 이번시즌 너무 잘탈거같아요!! 
대회 타고 다시 만리포 혼자 자전거타고갔어요 그리고 주형형이랑 승용이랑 낙지복음먹고 집으로갔어요! 


Anonymous said...

wait, a rider from a different category assisted in your race? Different world. ;)

Good result regardless!
Stan crocker

Derek Laan said...

LOL yeah welcome to Korea! How is your racing and riding going?