Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gapyoung and This week's Training 가평대회후기랑 이번주 훈련

Last week I had my first mountain bike race of the season at Yeon In San in Gapyoung north east of Seoul.  I had raced the course 3 years ago and knew it wasn't really a great course for me mostly because it has a really long hard climb (like 10-15km of uphill).  But I wanted to do the race anyway since now that I live in Seoul I never get to mountain bike.  In addition to the course being pretty tough I got sick last week with the flu for about 3-4 days.  I was feeling better but my legs weren't really responding well to my efforts.  The race started an as soon as the climbing started I lost the front group.  So I just rode steady to the finish line.  Except for the huge tough climb the course is really pretty fun with some nice rolling sections and a nice fun downhill. 
Since that race I got some good long rides in and hopefully I will be in good condition for the 100km mountain bike race in Jecheon next week.  That course is a lot more suited to me since it plays out a lot more like a road race than an mtb race.  June wil be a pretty busy month of racing with a grand fondo race/ ride the week after the 100km race and then two more races at the end of the month. 

지난 주 나 가평 연인산 산악자전거대회 탔지만  결과 별로이얐어요.  3년전에 나 가평탔어서 이코스 내코스 아니에요 알고있었지만 나 지금 서울 살고있으니까 엠티비 못타요 그래서 그냥 신청했어요.  그리고 지난 주나 3일동안 심한프루거렸어요.  그거때문에 대회 시작할때 달리 잘안갔어요.  그냥 템포페이스타고 완주했어요  하지만 재미겠탔어요. 가평코스 다운힐재미있었어요.
이번주는 훈련조금했어요.  몇번 남산북악산타고 그리고 토요일에 장흥유원지 코스탔어요.  그리고 오늘 남산탈때 정성인형 만났어요.  그형 같이 타는사람 타이어 에어 없어서 펌프 빌요졌어요.  다음주일요일 나 박달재 100키로 대회탈거에요 그래서 이번주 도 한번 길게타야해요.   박달재대회 가평보다 탈수있으면 좋겠어요!! ㅋㅋ

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