Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Incheon MCT Race Report: 2nd Place! 인천 MCT대회 후기

Last Sunday was the 4th round of the Korean Cycling Federations Amateur Cycling series (MCT) and it was held on Ganghwa Island north of Incheon.  Having pre ridden the course the week before with my team I was excited for the race which consisted of 5 18km laps and contained 2 intermediate climbs per lap.  The rest of the course was up and down rolling and was sure to produce some fast fun racing.  The finish was at the top of a 1.5km long gradual(3%) climb which I thought I could do well in if it came down to a bunch sprint.
The race started off pretty fast with lots of small attacks but nothing was sticking until the start of the 3rd lap.  Hyung Mo Lee, my teammate Hwan Geol and a rider from the Scott team were off in a small breakaway and I had a feeling it would stick since it had most of the major players in the race represented.  I attacked going into a corner and bridged up and we were then shortly joined by some more riders bringing the group to 10 with my team having 2 and our rival in the series Scott having 2.  After this we worked together smoothly to gain a pretty good advantage on the pack.  Going into the last lap I was expecting our group to be attacked a bit but luckily we worked together pretty well until the last 2 climbs.  Hyung Mo attacked and was quickly joined by the 2 Scott riders while Hwan Geol and I struggled to catch up.  With 2km to go they were about 5 riders were about 10 seconds in front of us but we couldn't close the gap.  I finished 6th overall and HwanGeol 7th good enough for 2nd and 3rd in our age group.  Not a bad finish but both of us were hoping to place a little bit better.  Hyung Mo ended up winning and the 2 Scott riders got 2nd and 3rd. 
After the race our team went out for lunch with Arnold Kim, the Hed Wheels rep in Korea and he treated us to some super nice Korean Beef.  The whole day was going pretty well until I got home Sunday night and came down with the Flu which I've been slowly recovering from all week. 
I should be ready for this weekend's mountain bike race in Gapyoung though!

지난일요일나MCT 4차 인천 투어 탔어요.  이대회코스 마음들었어요 언덕 조금었었고 완전 크라이밍코스 아니얐어요.  원래 이코스 브레이크어워에이 할수없을거같았지만 생각보다 좀어려웠어요.  경기 시작하고 첫2바귀그냥팩이랑탔어요.  3번재 랲시작할때 땡모형, 환걸형, 스캇님1명 좀앞에있어서 나 갔어요.  3번재박위부터 10명이랑 같인 븦에이크어웨이탔어요.  우리 그룹중에 땡모형있었고 나랑 환걸형, 스캇팀2명있어서 팩에서 체이싱 한사람 별로 없었어요.  3바귀동안같이탔도 마지막 5키로에 땡모형 어텍했어요.  나다다해봤지만 힘이 없었어요. 앞에 5명있었지만 1명도 못잡았어요  그냥 나 6등환걸형 7등으로 왔어요 하지만 우리 종목에 2등3등했어요. 

경기끝나고 우리 팀 티에스 스포츠 Arnold Kim 사장님이랑 맛있는한우먹으로 갔어요!  너무 맛있었어요!  하로동안 좋아했지만 나 집에올때  몸이아팠어요!오늘 까지 플루 거렸어요!!  하지만 이번주 일요일있는 가평 시합 탈수있을거같아요! 

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Venky said...

Good one, Derek! Too bad with the flu. Hopefully you'll get well soon in time for the MTB race!