Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day report

Well as seems to be a trend with me the first few races of a series didn't go so great but the last one went great and saved my weekend! I started off OK in snake alley for about 5 laps until I totally blew up. I really need to get a smaller gear than a 39-23 next time on that one. I have never had good luck at that one not even as a junior. Melon city felt a bit better our team covered every major move but again I blew up when I had great position going into the last time up the hill. My plan was to go for teh sprint points in Rock island but I missed points ont eh second sprint cuz i missed the break so I ended up 4th while the top 3 got money. but I knew I felt good and heading into the last 5 laps our sprinter ben renkema found his way up to near the front too. so I worked to try and keep him out of the wind and move him up into the top 10 going into the last long strait. It worked out pretty well with him landing 5th and my in 8th. we made a bunch of money and I think if we practice a bit I can definitley get comfortable taking him right to the front of the race at the end. Tomorrow is gonna be a nice long ride in some great sunshine to help get some miles in before tour ohio and possibley the indiana state road race.

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