Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Warsaw race and Colorado

I got 8th in the Fat and Skinny tire festival road race on Saturday. I was sick with a cold and felt like crap the whole race. It was super windy probably the second windiest race I have ever done. The first was a men’s 4/5 road race in Minnesota when I was 15 that had 30 mile an hour steady winds and we averaged less than 20 mph for a 30 mile race. Basically the race was down to less than 15 people after 2 laps of 7 because of the wind. I just wanted to get some good training in for nationals and I definitely accomplished this but I didn’t really help make myself less sick. Now I am riding in the car on the way to Fort Collins for nationals. A top 10 finish is my goal but I really want the podium. The road race looks like a pretty tough course with some good hard climbs and the crit is a figure 8 loop that should be pretty fast.

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