Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cat 1 Baby

I just got my Cat 1 upgrade approved this week and I am stoked. it only took me 8 years of training my but off to get it. Now I will be able to race Fitchburg and downers grove and other races too. This week of training was pretty good. I did a 4 hour ride with Greg and Joey and cody on Wednesday afternoon. We hit up some awesome dirt roads and did a 1 mile dirt road descent that greg almost wiped out on. I love exploring new roads. that is what really gets me excited about riding so I love doing long rides to get out and see more of the area around Lafayette. This weekend we are racing the winfield crits and tonight we are gonna play some sweet lazer tag. if you are ever in Naperville definitley check out Cyberspace lazer tag. ( Hopefully this weekend we wil post up some more good finishes.

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