Sunday, October 19, 2008

getting ready for natz

Man! Mountain bikes sure do break a lot!! I feel like I have to go to the bike shop every week to get something new adjusted or fixed. First it was my disk breaks which are now all good. Then it was the hub cones on my wheels and they are not messed up again!! I think I have gotten at least 5 flat tires in the past 2 months on the bike and just today my bottom bracket needed to be replaced because one side of the bearings were shot!!! I also had to have my fork rebuilt 3 weeks ago because oil kept leaking out of it!!! Well hopefully after today my bike is fixed and doesn't break at nationals on Friday or Saturday. Aside from all the bike fixing training was pretty well this weekend. Friday I did sprints on my road ride, saturday I did a 3 hour super hilly road ride with Greg and Today I fixed my bike for an hour and then rode both of our local mountain bike trails pretty fast. Monday and Tuesday I am gonna recovery. Wednesday we are gonna drive and Thursday pre ride the XC course. I am really gunning for a top 10 finish in the Short track and then my season is basically over unless I decide to do a little cyclocross. I think I might do Jingle cross because it is a fun course and there is a ton of money but I am finding it hard to train a lot with school. the next update will be from Banner Elk, NC and will hopefully be about how I did well at natz!

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