Monday, October 27, 2008

College Mountain bike Natz!!!

College natz was awesome. I didn't acheive my goal of a top 10 in the Short Track but I finished 21st and 23rd in the cross country which was better than I had expected. The courses and conditions were tough! Our trip started off with driving to Kentucky and staying at the Union College boys apartment in downtown Barbourville KY. Their apartment was sweet and we really appreciated them letting us stay there. We woke up to big mountains all around and the rest of the drive was full of huge mountains and forest. We prerode on Thursday and checked into our cabin which came complete with a Sega Genesis that provided us with hours of entertainment! It wasn't raining in the XC but it was still epic and the course seemed to get more slick every lap. I got a good start and managed to ride all of the crazy rock gardens pretty well. After the XC it started raining and continued to do so until Saturday morning. The short track was really muddy and tough. I crashed 3 times and hit a lot of trees. I got a good start but my legs weren't feeling great. I also had really bad tires for the mud which didn't help. Saturday afternoon we watched the downhill and had a lot of fun on saturday night. Sunday was a long 10 hour drive home but it was beautiful the whole way. It was a pretty good way to experience my last collegiate mountain bike natz. it is hard to believe I am gonna graduate in May!

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