Sunday, October 12, 2008


Purdue hosted the MWCCC Mountain bike Regionals this weekend and it was a blast. Pretty tiring but still awesome. We had our XC on our campus trail that is about 5 miles long and there was lots of close racing action. I was riding in 3rd about half way through the 4th lap when I ran over either a spoke or one of our little metal flags and it jammed into my derailleur jamming it and bending my hanger. so needless to say I had to take my derailleur and chain off the bike even to get it to roll. I was kind of mad but the bike shop got it fixed except that my chain was skipping like crazy while warming up for the STXC so I borrowed Travis's wheel. STXC was on Slater hill which is right on our campus and was awesome course that we designed. It had a 1.5 foot drop off and several fun downhill turns. I got 3rd and was pretty happy with it. I did the dual slalom too which switched back through a bunch of trees. it was exciting and I even got into the top 8. In my first race I did this crazy move to cut my opponent from Mizzou off. I think we bumped about 5 times in one run but I got it and then got eliminated by Weston who won in the next round. Setting up the courses and taking them down was a bit of work but the Purdue club is big and well organized so we got it done relatively fast. Thanks to everyone who came out and raced or helped out with the races.

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