Sunday, November 2, 2008

Big Plans!

Next year I am really excited to say that I am going to be riding for the RGF Solutions Cycling Team. ( It is gonna be another development team. Turin decided that next year they will not be having an elite team and RGF stepped up to pick a few of us up. It should be a really great team look out for an announcement this week about the team in the cycling media. Paul Martin is our team manager and I am really stoked to have such an experienced and accomplished racer leading our team. I plan to do a pretty similar season to this year only with a few less races so that I can hopefully perform better in the late summer.
OK next I figured out what I am gonna do after I graduate in May! My major is Dietetics and with that you need to do a 1 year internship to become a Registered Dietitian which is credential that is needed to get most jobs involving nutrition. I was debating not doing the internship and just doing something fun but after talking to my professors, parents and others I decided that I should just do it because I might not be able to do it again later. Basically there are Dietetics internships all over the country that you can apply too and most last about 1 year. They are typically unpaid but they are basically teaching you how to be a dietitian. You spend a few weeks learning about food service, a few doing hospital dietetics, a few doing community nutrition programs and other things. Right now my top pick is a program in Peoria, IL. But unfortunately you don't find out until April if you got in! I could end up going somewhere else but at least I have a plan now!
Halloween was also a good time. I was a cowboy and kind of looked like Woody from Toy Story.

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