Monday, December 15, 2008

Finals Week

This is finals week. It is really hard to study for some reason. I only have one class that I really feel like I need to study hard for. Micronutrient metabolism really stinks!! It is very difficult and involves remembering lots of carrier proteins and enzymes. Hopefully I can pull off a B in the class. I finish up on Wednesday and then I am going to visit 2 dietetic internship open houses. the first one is in Cincinnati and the second is in Dayton OH. Hopefully I will find one that I really like and where they like me. I have narrowed down the places where I am gonna apply to 5. I am gonna apply to programs in Peoria, IL, cincinnati, Dayton, Chicago and Indianapolis. I find out on April 20th where I get placed. I am also getting pretty excited for the winter break because I am gonna go visit my parents in Germany! We are gonna go skiing in the Austrian Alps for a few days and go see a super prestige cyclocross race in the Netherlands. It should be an awesome trip. I hope I still remember some german from high school. When I get back it will be time to get down to some serious training. Hopefully there is some snow here too so I can do a little bit of cross country skiing! This past weekend was pretty fun we had over 20 people come to our house for a dinner party potluck! We didn't have enough places for everyone to sit but it was a good time and a lot of good food. My girlfriend came from Illinois to visit me too which was pretty awesome. I am leaving Sunday for Germany. Wish me luck on my finals!

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