Sunday, December 28, 2008

Germany and Austria are Awesome!!!

My winter break has been awesome so far. My parents moved to Germany this year and my sister and I are visiting them over the break. We spent 2 days at their house in Weinheim which is in Badem Wuttemberg in the west central part of Germany. Where they live is awesome it isn’t super cold and they have mountains with hiking trails right next to their apartment. Everyone has nice cars in Germany too. I think at least 1/3 of the cars are Audi or BMW. For the past 5 days we have been downhill skiing in Innsbruck, Austria and it has been amazing!!! They had the 1964 and 76 winter Olympics here. It is a small city surrounded by huge snow capped mountains. There are over 15 ski resorts within an hour of town and a free bus to take you to them. Yesterday we skied at a glacier on top of a mountain at over 11,000 ft altitude. They had awesome snow. The longest run I did was about 14 km long!!! They also have XC ski tracks everywhere too. If you know me you know I say I want to move to nearly every place I visit and the same goes for here. It is probably about 5 times better than Colorado because the mountains are much closer to the city and they have way more places to ski. I have been practicing my German from high school with people on the ski lift too and am not doing to bad. I remember a lot more German than I thought I did and have been conversing with people about skiing, bike racing, college and American politics. I think everyone here really likes Obama.
So here I have tried a new kind of beer every day since it is relatively cheap at restraunts and costs about as much as bottled water. One of my new favorite beers is called Radler. It is a about 1/3 lemonade and 2/3 beer which may sound gross but it is actually amazing! In German Rad means bike so Radler is a beer designed to be drunk during breaks on long bike rides! Tomorrow we are going to Munich for 2 days and then we are going to the Netherlands to visit my cousins and then go to watch a Superprestige Cyclocross race!!


Derek said...

Glad you like Austria, the people certainly know how to enjoy themselves, if you like Innsbruck? give Salzburg a try next time you are over there.

Also see the blog at:-
To give you a few more ideas of what to see and where to go kind regards.


Joey said...

Is there ever going to be a place you don't want to move to?