Thursday, January 1, 2009

Munich and Germany!

After skiing we drove to Munich and stayed for 2 days. Munich is very cool! The drive there was really beautiful and we passed a ton of people cross country skiing on trails around little villages. I was jealous not to be skiing any more! Our first night in Munich we went to the Hofbrau house which is kind of the hub of Oktoberfest. It was packed even on a Monday night and basically you just walk around until you find a at one of the big tables. They serve beer in 1 liter mugs here and we had a very good time and ordered pigs knuckle to eat for dinner. We stayed at a friend of my dad's apartment and rode the subway everywhere we needed to go. Munich is very crowded and everyone lives in apartment buildings with little parks all over the place. We went to the zoo and the olympic park too which was sweet. In the olympic park they made a big hill out of scrap from WW2 and they covered it in grass lots of people go walk up it for a good view of the city and at the top there were 4 guys on downhill bikes with full face helmets, goggles and the whole set up. A guy got all the pedestrians to clear the way so they could bomb off this little drop off. It was kind of lame but still cool to see how into biking Germans are! On the way home we saw a 15 car pile up on the highway!! I think that is what happens when people drive 120mph on the highway in the rain! Last night people all over the town lit off fireworks at midnight in front of their apartments. It looked really cool fireworks going off absolutely everywhere and today there were burned up fire works all over the townsquare. My dad took me driving around some of the roads by the house and this would be an awesome place to bike!!! Lots of 5k climbs and forest with mtb and hiking trails absolutely everywhere!!! This is a bikers paradise!! I might have to come out here in the summer and ride or something!! Tomorrow we are leaving for Holland to see my second cousins visit Amsterdam and watch a sweet CX race!! I hope everyone had a good new year!!!

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