Friday, January 30, 2009


Over 6 inches of snow fell on Tuesday and unlike most cyclists in the area I couldn't be happier! It gives me a good excuse to wax up my cross country skis and do something different to build base other than just riding the rollers and lifting weights. Yesterday a few friends and I also hit up some sledding on Purdue's infamous Slater hill. After a few runs we decided we would hike around the golf course looking for crazy sledding runs. We found a bunch including a big drop off a retaining wall, a few steep runs through the woods that ended on a frozen creek and a big jump with a super steep landing. I used to really love sledding and did it a lot all the way up through my senior year of high school (I know it is kind of dorky). I really enjoy the chance to sled when I get it here because there isn't nearly as much snow here as in Minnesota where I grew up. Hopefully the snow sticks around for at least another week or 2 so I can get some good skiing in.

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