Monday, January 19, 2009

First week of school

My first week of training and school went pretty well. I have almost finished my Dietetic internship applications which is pretty exciting. My classes this semester look like they may be sort of tough but nothing that I haven't done before. It got really cold this week as you may know so I have only ridden outside once since being back!! I went skiing on Sunday with my girlfriend Ellen and it was awesome. We went to swiss valley in Michigan. Ellen had never skiied before so I had fun teaching her how to snow plow and turn. She was a really fast learner and even made it down a black diamond run at the end of the day. Today I taught 4 people from the Purdue club how to lift weights at the co-rec and now I am working on homework. My house has been really busy lately. It is almost like a bike house fraternity because we constantly have people over riding rollers and the trainer in the living room. you almost never need to ride inside by yourself which makes it a lot more fun to do. Well I hope it warms up a little this week or snows a bunch more so I can go XC skiing.

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