Sunday, February 13, 2011

Schools over time for spring vacation!

So in Korea the students come back after their winter vacation for 1 more week of school in february and then the 6th graders have a graduation ceremony. On Wednesday we start our spring vacation which is about a 2 weeks long. Im going to Germany this Thursday to visit my parents. Im really excited. They live about 60km south of Frankfort. I think we are going to do some biking and hiking and maybe a road trip to switzerland. I rode this past weekend for about 4 hours on Sunday. I realized I hadn't ridden single track in about 2 months and the trails were nice and frozen with about half being frozen dirt, 30 percent being packed snow and 20 percent packed ice! It definitely made my usual trails a litte more difficult. I did a nice loop which had 4 of my favorite trails around Yongin the last of which was a 5km double track climb on mostly packed snow and ice and a down hill which was totally shaded and handn't been hiked much so it had 6 inches of snow on it still and basically no packed in line for 3km at 10-20%. Im glad I got in a nice ride I definitely want to be in better shape this spring than last spring. The first race is going to be april 10th at the Misryeong Hill climb. My team is racing teh 5 man team hill climb. I think they take the time of the 4th rider across the line or they average the times of the top 4 riders from each team. I did the race as an invidual last year and its a pretty tough climb so I definitely wanna be in good shape so I can help my team. Last weekend I also went hiking with allan and Melanie to cheong gae san in seoul which was really fun since we did a new course I had never hiked before. Other than that nothing too excitin happened but i have to keep studying, riding and get ready for germany this week! Its valentines day today too! So happy valentines day! Im sure I will have some good posts to write about germany!

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