Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I went to Germany to visit my parents over the schools spring break. It was a blast! My parents live in a town called Weinheim which is about 60km south of frankfurt and pretty close to Heidelberg which has a really famous castle. We toured heidlberg then I did some awesome biking with my dad around the Odenwald which is a huge forest preserve right behind their house. Its definitely some of the best bike riding I have ever done. Its all forested or on small farms with really well paved roads that go up gradually for 3-7km then down gradually. There are tons of roads and loops to make too. It would be an amazing place to train. After that we went to the Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart which was really cool also. I didn't know that they invented the first car! We also spent 2 days cross country skiing in the black forest which had just gotten about 40cm of snow. The trails there were amazing as well with lots of gradual climbing and descending as well as amazing views! All in all it was a great trip. Came back last friday and we had a good bye party for one of my good friends Danny who is going back to america soon. Today is the first day of school here and we have a new principal and I have a new teacher to teach english with. Yesterday was a holiday in Korea too so yujin and I went to the 63 building which is the tallest building in korea. It was pretty cool and had really good views of the mountains around seoul. It is also the worlds tallest art museum and they had an exhibit of picasso up there. This week I plan to keep on biking and hopefully getting in good shape for the races in april and may.

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