Wednesday, March 23, 2011

nice weather and lots of school dinners

With the arrival of my new principal and a new english teacher there have been lots of school dinners lately. First our school has 12 male teachers this year so the principal (who is a guy too) decided we should make a male teachers club and have dinner together once a month and play sports. so last friday we all played volley ball and went out to dinner. The new guys are all a lot of fun. The weatehr was pretty good for bikign last week too and I got in a lot of good riding. All of this has been mixed in with trying to prepare for the GMAT too which is happening next friday. It looks like the week after the GMAT should be a really good time to get in some long rides with out having to worry about studying too. Our team should be getting our new kits soon too! I will post a pic after the first race in 3 weeks. Other than that nothing too exciting has been going on here. trying to study and bike a lot coupled with these school dinners has definitely reduced my social activity quite a bit so im looking forward to getting the gmat out of the way and hopefully boosting my score a little bit! im planning on doing 2 4 hour rides this weekend and a lot of riding after teh gmat!

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