Sunday, March 6, 2011

riding and getting back into school

Last week was the first week of classes at school. I have a new korean teacher who I teach together with. She is really nice and really good at controlling the kids we are getting along pretty well! Last week the weather was really good for biking so I got in a lot of riding. I rode a new course north of where I live that was really aweome it had a lot of nice 3km or so climbs. I definitely wanna go ride there again soon. Saturday I went to everland with some of my friends which was really fun too. Im getting really excited to start racing but im really glad there are a few more weeks to train before racing starts. I need to put in some more miles and probably work on my sprint a little bit. I definitely find that training here in the mountains makes it a lot easier for me to get into really good shape though. other than that nothing too exciting happened but it was a pretty good weekend!

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