Monday, March 14, 2011

riding a lot and getting read for Tour de Korea

Its official that I get to race the Tour de Korea. My new schools principal is a really nice guy and is letting me have a vacation for the race. Its going to be really cool I think and the longest stage race I have ever done. Its 10 days 9 stages and about 100km per day. I don't think the courses are going to be too killer. There will be a few hilly days with but no crazy mountains it looks like. My team is definitely looking to repeat the success it had last year (they won the team competition) and a rider placed 2nd overall. The race is going to be april 15-24th with stages all over korea. Im not racing the pro tour de korea though. They have an ameteur competion held at the same time as the pro race which they call the Special competition. The prize list sounds like it should be really good too. This is definitely gonna be the biggest race of the year so im training hard to get in shape. My goal is to win at least one stage and to do as best as I can overall. I don't have a great feel for how strong the field is gonna be really but I just wanna race hard and do as best as I possibly can. also im taking the GMAT one more time on april 1st so the next 3 weeks are gonna be busy with studying and biking.

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