Monday, April 18, 2011

Tour de Korea Stage 4 2nd place!

Today was stage 4 of the Tour de Korea. It went really well. The race was 90km long today and went through chungcheon nam province. It was really beatiful but the course wasn't very difficult. Also due to a tailwind we rode extremely fast making it really difficult for breaks to get away. I have been really impressed with how aggressive the racing has been here compared to other races I've done in Korea. It was basically non stop attacking the last 50km of the race but I knew nothing would get away today so I sat in the middle of the field and moved up to the front with 5km to go. There was a right turn with about 400m to go so I went through the last corner in about 10th wheel then moved up to the top 5 in the last 200m. I tried my best to get past the winner (which was another guy from the Biclo team who is training to be a pro Keirin racer). I was pleased to finally get on the podium and show my sprinting legs which unfortunately aren't quite as good as they were last fall. Im still happy with how I'm riding and there are 2 more stages that are likely to end in field sprints so I will still be gunning for a stage win. Tomorrow is likely to be a sprint and the last stage in Seoul is also. The middle 3 stages all have pretty big mountains but hopefullly i will be able to make it over the mountains close enough to catch back on to the pack by the bottom.


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Aaron, Michelle and Isabella said...

Thanks for the updates - enjoy reading them!! Wish I could be there with you guys!!

Kyle Kim said...

you are probably my favorite client.