Monday, April 4, 2011

race time!

The GMAT is over and its time to get down to racing! This weekends race is a team hill climb. Our team is splitting into 2 groups. There is a category for mtbs and a category for road bikes. Im riding the road bike category. The way the race works is each team has 4 people. The times of the 2nd 3rd and 4th rider from each team are avearged to make a team time. The winning team wins $1000. So its part team time trial and part regular hill climb. The first rider won't help the team at all so its in their best interest to try and help pace the second rider to a faster time. I think my team looks pretty good but i dont' know exaclty who else is racing. Should be an interesting race and a good test before the tour of Korea starts next Friday! Last weekend was pretty good I did a really nice ride on Sunday up to the south Han river (남한강). Its really amazing riding around there. Great climbs with fun descents and basically no cars. I definitley look forward do exploring and doing more riding there after the tour of Korea. So my race schedule this season so far looks like this
April 10 Misiryeong Hill climb
April 15-24 Tour de Korea
May 5 Children's Day Speed Festival Criterium Gwangmyeong City
Wish me luck this weekend! I will post up the results after the race!

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