Monday, March 12, 2012

Training and the end of the ski season 트레이닝 과 스키시즌 끝났어요.

I have been getting in a good amount of riding in lately.  The weather has been pretty good for riding.  Saturday I got in a nice long ride with Aaron, Brad and Luis  who all work at the Air Force base in Songtan about 40km from where I live.  Its definitely nice having people to ride with sometimes even though I prefer to do most of my training on my own.
Basically my training has been weight lifting at the gym and going riding whenever I have time after work.  This week should be a good week for training.  I'm planning to cap it off by riding out to watch the second Tour de Korea pre test.  Its a road race to qualify to ride the amateur Tour de Korea but people who qualified in the first Pre Test or who completed at least 8 stages last year aren't eligible to race.  Its about 60-70km out the race course from my house.  I'll ride out there get lunch with my teammates who raced and then ride home.
Also the ski season here is officially over.  The resort closed on Sunday.  Its too bad it closed though because the weather is still pretty cold and I actually had a few free evenings this week I could have gone skiing.  I'll post about how my training is going again next week.  Its about a month until my first race, which will probably be the Misiryong Hill climb. I'd better keep training hard until then!

나 여즘 트레이닝좀많이 하고있어요.  날씨는 자전거 타기한태 괜찮았어요.  일요일에 미국 공군친구들이랑 킨 라이딩했어요! 우리 사진 용인 와우정사에있어요.  내트레이닝 그냥 웨이트 트레이닝 과 자전거 타기 하고있어요.  저는 인터블 트레이닝 잘안해요.
이번주 도 트레이닝 많이해볼거예요.  일요일 에 티디케 2차 프리테스트 장 까지 구경하로 탈거예요.  팀들보고 밥먹어 집 다시 탈거예요.  여주 이포대교우리 집에서 60-70키로 정도 타야해요.  나도 타고싶어지만 1차프리테스트 탔어서 이번은못타요.
내스키시즌도 끝났어요.  일요일에 양지파인 마지막날있었어요.  이번 시즌 25번 정도 탔어요.  내년도 스크 많이 타고싶어요!
첫번재 대회 일월쯤 남아요!  미시령 내 첫대회 같아요.  그때까지 열심히 트레이닝 할거예요!! 

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