Monday, March 5, 2012

Jeju Trip pictures / 제주 여행 사진

These are some pictures my team took of our trip to Jeju Do. Thanks to Michelle, and Myo Jin for taking most of them! 
여기 우리 팀 제주 여행 사진이에요.  미쉴 누나 , 묘진 누나 이거 찍었어서 감사합니다! 
 This is taken outside a store in a tiny town we stopped in.  여기 작은가게에서 휴식 하고있어요.  표선면 같아요. 
 Instead of doing a thumbs up my teammates always make the peace sign.  이것 우리 팀한테 배웠어요!

 The top of the 1100m road!  If you ride the most direct way from the ocean its basically a 25km long 7% grade up hill.  The way we road was 35~km with some down hill mixed in. There was about 2 ft of snow at the top!
여기 천백 고지에요.  우리 코스 35~키로.  너무 힘들었지만 재미있었어요!  그기 고 정산 찐자 아름다웠어요.  눈 50~썬티있었어요!!
 This is part of my team.  Jeju do had lots of awesome roads that went right along the coast. 
여기 우리 팀이에요!!  환걸 형,운주형, 나, 지행형,묘진 누나 , 금화 누나.  제주 도 해안도로 너무 아름답고 자전거 타기재미있는거 예요! 

My teammate Hwan Geol giving me a banana before I climb up the 1100m road on our last day.  I'm getting ready to climb the 1100m road again on the last day.  It was freezing on the descent. 
환걸 형 1100고지 타기 전에 바나나 졌어요!  감사합니다! ㅈ

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