Monday, February 27, 2012

Training Camp Wrap up/ 제주 자전거팀 캠프

I got back from Jeju do yesterday.  Over the weekend 3 more teammates came to the camp to train with us.  The two guys Eunjoo and Ji Haeng are both super strong!  On Saturday we attempted to ride all the way around Jeju do along the coast but it was extremely windy.  In the small time we had a tail wind we were averaging over 50km/hour with several guys drilling it on the front.  However the rest of the ride was a pretty slow slog with cross and head winds.  On top of this it was only about 40 degrees outside.  Luckily we had a car following our group and people gradually decided to quit riding and get in the car until it was down to 4 of us still riding.  We were freezing cold and tired from the head wind (40km/hr straight on for the last 50km).  After pulling into a gas station to rest we pulled the plug and called our teammates who had given up earlier and gone back to the condo to come pick us up!  We managed to ride over 150km though but it was a little disappointing not to make it all the way around the island. 
Sunday was even colder than Saturday and we decided to ride up the 1100m road again.  The cold weather made several of our riders change their minds about riding all the way up to the top (where it was only about 20F degrees)and eventually only 3 of us made it to the top.  The way down was FREEZING.  It was basically 25 km of straight down hill.  I was warm at the top but I was completely frozen by the time I made it back to our condo. 
The trip was a great week of training and getting to know some of my new teammates better.  Hopefully it will be a great kick start for my training this year and I will be in good racing shape by April. 

이번은 한국인 친구 위하요 한국말로 써볼거예요. 
지난주 저는 켄넌대일 팀 들이랑 제주도 트레이닝 캠프 다녀왔어요.  여자 3명 남자 6명이랑 같이 갔어요.  월요일 새벽 이러났고 8시45분 제주 가는 비행기탔어요!  제주 항공에서 착한 제주 프로샵형 우리 팀 픽업했어요.  첫 3일 동안 매일 5시간 동안 탔어요.  월요일 팀이랑 140키로 화요일 내 알른 형 정창조 이랑 5시간탔어요 수요일 도 팀들이랑 5시간 탔어요.  화요일 비많이 왔어요.  날씨 도 추웠어서 산에 내려갔들때 밥먹었고 너무 추웠어서 산 다시 오러갔어요!  금요일 날 우리 팀 다 1100도로 탔어요! 산정산에서 사진 찍고 갔어요. 
주말에 3명 더 왔어요.  토요일 날 우리 제주 한 바귀 코스 해봤지만 타 못탔어요.  바람이 너무 새서 마지막 20키로 차타고갔어요!  일요일 다시 우리 1100도로 탔지만 너무 추웠어서 3명 만 정산 까지 탔어요.  정상 까지 타는거 좋은생각아니얐어요!  내렸을때 엄청 추웠어요!!  민박 왔어 지행 형이랑 은주 형이랑 사우나 갔어요!  일요일 저녁 우리 제주 프로 샵들이랑 돼지 샤부샤부 먹었어요!  너무 맛있었어요!  이번 여행 너무 줄거웠어요 그리 고 필요있는라이딩 도 많이 했어요!  새 제주도 친구 도 많이 만들었어요!  다음에 도 제주 자전거 타로 가고싶어요!  나증에 여기에서 사진 업로드 좀 할거에요! 

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Jeong Kim said...

All the best for the coming season! I've been following Myo Jin's blog and the pictures of the weather looked challenging. And there was the wind, too. California has been rather warm this winter, so lots of riders are in rather decent shape. Looking forward to your race entries in the blog soon.