Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jeju Spring Training Trip

I'm leaving Monday for a spring vacation trip to Jeju Island with my team Cannondale RPM Sports.  It should be a really great trip.  Jeju do is an island in the south of Korea.  Its an inactive volcano and is home the highest mountain in South Korea Halla San.  I went there with my friends Allan and Daniel in August for a trip and found that it has amazing roads for biking.
It's a little bit warmer than the rest of Korea so a lot of Korean athletes go there to train in the winter.  We will be there for a week and hopefully we will have good weather for training.  Most of my team is going for at least part of the trip too so we should have a good group to ride with.  I've been weight lifting and riding since coming back from America so hopefully I'm in good shape for the trip.
This should also help me build a solid base for the spring racing season.  I'm hoping to ride the Tour de Korea again and do well in every race in April and May.  My team has a few new members this year that should help round out our roster and hopefully help us compete for the overall team title at the Tour de Korea.  Here is a map of Jeju do.  There are a lot more roads than what are shown here.  The island is 180km around in a circle and there are lots of good loops to be made by riding part way up the volcano. 
I'll try to post some updates during the trip!


soo young said...

wow this trip seems awesome. have fuuuunn!!

greg herlean said...

Im curious about the tracks executed.