Friday, February 24, 2012

1100m Road!

Yesterday was a much needed rest day here in Jeju do.  I rode about 2.5 hours easy with some of my teammates along the coast and along some farm roads.  It was super windy but it also wasn't raining.  The weather here is definitely less predictable than the weather around Seoul!  We've still been able to get a lot of good training in though. 
Today was our first ride up the highest road in Jeju.  The 1100m Road is just what you would expect, a road up to 1100m of elevation.(over 3000ft).  We rode with two local riders that my teammates knew and they took us up the most gradual way possible to the top of the road.  It was basically a 20km gradual climb and then 10km of really steep climbing.  Once we got above 600m there was a ton of snow in the forest, at the top there was probably about 2ft all throughout the woods.  I really wish I had a chance to do some hiking here but we only have 2 more days to ride and I definitely need to do as much riding as I can. 
Once we got to the top my teammates went back to the pension but I wanted to do some more riding.  So I rode down the other side of the mountain and then came back on the secon highest road in Jeju (which went up to about 900m).  That climb was much more gradual and also had a lot of nice forest and snow too.  That was a lot of climbing for one day and I ended up taking a 3 hour nap after I got back! 
Hopefully in a few weeks after the trip is over my fitness will improve a lot from all of this riding.  My teammates are all riding really well! We have 2 road racing girls this year (Myo Jin and Michelle) and they are both riding super strong.  I'm pumped to see what my team can do at the Tour de Korea this year. 
I have 2 more days of riding left and we have 3 more teammates arriving tonight who should be fresh and ready for some long rides. 
I think we are going to try to ride around the island in one day (180km) and then ride up the 1100 road again the next day. 

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