Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great trips and back to training

This update is long over due.  Last time I wrote about how I was about to go visit my parents in Germany.  I had a great trip.  We had a birthday party for my mom, did some hiking and shot off fire works at midnight on New Years Eve with some of my parents friends and their kids.  We also went to Spain for a week.
Spain would be a great place to ride a bicycle.  The whole time we were there we had great weather (60s and sunny) and we visited some really beatiful places.  My favorite was definitely Ronda which was a town built on a mountain with high cliffs basically all around it, plus it had a huge canyon running right through the middle of the mountain!  It was definitely the most beatiful town I have ever seen.  We also visited Madrid, Sevilla, and Grenada, which were all cool too.   It was great to see my parents and sister as well.

After that trip I came back to Korea for 2 weeks to teach an English Camp at my school.  The ski resort was finally fully open so I went skiing almost every day after work too.  The camp was over quickly and then it was time for me to go to America.

I came mostly to visit MBA programs that I had applied to but I also got some great chances to catch up with my old friends.  I spent 3 days in Chicago and got to see Danny, Eunhye, Liz, Dr. Sean and Elena which was really fun!  I also spent 4 days at Purdue and did all of the old things I used to enjoy.  I even got to go on a bike ride with Doza. Big thanks to Joey and all of the bike house guys for letting me stay there.

Chris also came up to visit me at Purdue for a few days.  It was great to see him and on the day before I left we went to the Super Bowl Village in downtown Indy for the afternoon. It was really fun.  There were tons of people and cool things to do the only problem was the huge lines.  We still had a good time though.  

Now I'm back in Korea and I have school for a week but starting this Wednesday is Spring vacation.  So it will be another 2 weeks with no class.  Its time to start biking and get some more skiing in before the end of the season.  


Matt said...

Glad you had a great trip, Derek. Thanks for the call, it was good to catch up. We'll have to do more of that sometime soon. Cheers!

GeorgeRux said...

Thanks for the update Derek. Glad you enjoyed Spain - I've heard Ronda is spectacular - perhaps there is some good trail riding climbing the hills? Be sure to post lots of details about your training and races on your blog and lots of pictures on facebook. Uncle George