Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Training- First 3 Days

The first 3 days here may be the most I have ever ridden in 3 days.  Monday started up with a 4:30 am wake up to go the airport but we were in Jeju island by 11am.  We got our bikes ready and went out for a 5 hour ride.  It was sunny but pretty cold.  Yesterday and today didn't have great weather.  It's been rainy and about 45 degrees F.  Yesterday I planned to ride 4 hours with a Jeong Chang Jo, a friend of mine from Yongin who is the coach of a high school triathlon team down here training, but I miss judged the course and ended up riding 5 hours in basically non stop rain! The course we did was pretty cool though we rode up to a 600 meters elevation on the mountain and there was a lot of snow up there.  Later in the week we are going to climb the 2 highest roads here which go up about 3000 ft!  There should be a lot of snow up there. 
Today we did a team ride and did a big loop on some awesome twisty, hilly roads around the island.  It rained off and on through out the ride but it wasn't super cold.  I haven't really been riding much this winter and I was in major pain today.  I bonked a little in the last 30km and couldn't ride super fast.  I made it back to our condo ok though.  That made for 3 five hour days in a row.  We have 4 more days of riding here.  Hopefully my legs recover a bit and I can get in some more great rides! 

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