Thursday, August 20, 2009

Downer's Grove and Mass Ave

Saturday we raced at Mass Ave in Indianapolis. Mass Ave is a trendy section of Indy and the race was held on a triangle shaped course. It started off fast with lots of attacks but nothing sticking. We were caught sleeping though and missed the winning 3 man move. We put in a good chase effort and tried to form a chase group by attacking but couldn't get away. I crashed about halfway through the race when my tires slid out on me. I tore up the white shorts and got a little bit of road rash but other than that I was fine. I got back in and attempted to lead Ryan out for the sprint but he lost my wheel heading into the last corner. I finished 10th and was the top finisher.
Sunday was Downer's Grove which was my second big goal race of the year after Collegiate Nationals. I was feeling pretty good and when the rain started coming down heavily about 15 laps in I was near the front half of the group. The race was crazy with riders crashing everywhere. In the last 10 laps Paul got off with a group and they were gone. I worked my way to the front along with Ryan to try and get a good spot in the sprint but I went to the inside up the hill rather than the outside and got boxed in. I finished 22nd but I was really hoping for a top 10. At least I didn't crash though.


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