Friday, August 7, 2009

Double PostIowa Wedding and Trip to Washington DC

I haven't had the internet for the past week so this is a double post. I am currently staying at Dr. Shawn and Jerel's house in Naperville! They have been awesome and hosted me and Chris a few times this summer!

My cousin Andrew got married last weekend in Waterloo, Iowa.
I got to be an usher in his wedding meaning I had to show people wear to sit.
I also got to do a ride around Waterloo which was nice. There were lots of rolling hills, pig farms and corn.
The wedding itself was pretty ok but the reception was fun and got pretty crazy.
It was great seeing a lot of my old friends from Camp Du Nord which my cousin and I both worked at.
I also got to spend some time with my cousin Fredrick who went to Purdue. It was great hearing about how Purdue has changed and how much it has stayed the same!
Up next for me is a trip to Washington DC to visit my grandmother (dad's mom) and then Crits in Grand Rapids, MI and Glencoe, IL.

This week I visited my grandma (who I call Oma because she is from Germany) in Bethesda, Maryland which is just outside Washington DC. My good friend from high
school Kate came with me. After picking her up at the Chicago airport we drove 11 hours to Bethesda and made it around 9:30pm. I really love the riding around Bethesda
it is hilly and wooded and there are tons or roads to explore. It is kind of easy to get lost however but I knew the roads a bit from last years trip. We also went and explored DC. We went out and got drinks in China town one night and went to see the monuments and some smithsonian museums. The museum about Native Americans was very interesting and I highly recommend it if you go! We took my grandmother to the Falls of the Potomac which is a national park near Bethesda with a huge rapids section and we saw some crazy Kayakers jump off waterfalls! We also brought her to Annapolis to take a boat ride around the harbor. Annapolis is where the Naval Academy is located. It is also a really cute town with a ton of cool sailboats. After Annapolis we went to a state park and went swimming in the Chesapeake Bay, luckily I didn't get stung by any jelly fish this year! It would have been fun to stay longer but I had to get back to the good old midwest to keep on racing! I definitely think Washington DC would be a cool place to live after my Korean adventures! It certainly has good riding and lots to do!

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