Monday, August 10, 2009

Meijer Grand Classic and Glencoe Grand Prix!

Saturday was the Meijer Grand Classic in Grand Rapids, MI. There was a small (60 riders) field but it was stacked with good riders from Kelly Benefits, Subway Avanti, Bissell Pro, etc. The course was awesome and included 2 brick sections. It had been raining earlier in the day so the course was soaked but the sun came out in our race and dried it out mostly. As usual we raced aggressively and tried to get in the moves. I was in a few small attacks but nothing stuck until Tom Zirbel and Jake Rytlewski from Kenda and Bissell attacked and got away. Paul and Chris were 20 seconds up on the field in a chase group but that was brought back single handedly by David Williams from Priority Health. The race came down to a field sprint for 3rd and we had it lined up on the front for Chris but unfortunatly bad luck struck and he broke his chain on the last lap! I was trying to continue the lead out and I went hard on the front with about 1k to go but no one from the team was there to follow me. I ended up 14th but I think we definitely would have deliverd Chris to a top 5 finish if he hadn't had mechanical trouble.
Sunday we raced in Glencoe, IL which is a northside suburb of Chicago. Again it was raining before our race so the course was soaked but the sun came out for the end of the race. This race had a slighly less stacked field with Subway Avanti of New Zealand being the only pro team. Ryan, Greg and I planned to race aggressively and hope a break went with one of us in it. There were lots of attacks but none really gained much ground. About 3/4 of the way through the race I attacked for a prime and stayed away for 3 laps each of which was a prime! I ended up winning a gift card, case of gatorade and $200 dollars from a 3 lap solo move. Ryan told us he wasn't feeling to good and was just going to see what he could do in the sprint and I nearly got dropped after my attack! I managed to recover and go into the final corner in 3rd but my legs and lungs were fried and I rolled in for 12th with Ryan taking 8th. Pretty good payday on Sunday though! I was very happy with how i raced this weekend, my legs are starting to get strong again after all the racing i did in July and I think I will be on flying form for Downer's Grove and the Marian Classic!


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Dude, you were on fire Sunday!

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