Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Announcement: I am moving to South Korea to be and English teacher

Here is my big announcement about my real job! I am going to go to South Korea to be an English teacher at an elementary school. I am leaving on August 30th and will be there for at least 1 year. I am really excited about this opportunity because I have been wanting to try to go back to Korea ever since I went there the first time 2 summers ago to work at a camp. I have been thinking about doing this for a long time and it was definitely a tough decision. I am sad that I have to give up racing with the Panther/RGF pb Felt Bicycles team next year and that I won't get to hang out with any of my good friends but I think in the long run this experience will be a lot of fun and teach me a lot. Besides that I think this will be an extremly fun job especially compared to a boring office type job. The name of the school is Yangji Elementary school ( It is about 40km south east of Seoul and about 30km. It is a smaller town which will hopefully mean uncrowded roads for biking. It looks like a very nice place to live with 2 ski resorts in town. I still plan on trying to race bikes in Korea and from what i have been hearing I may end up racing mountain bikes a little bit more than on the road which will be fun. There are also lots of great hiking trails all over Korea and I hope to do some epic back packing trips when I am not working. I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and will definitely keep up with my blog and all of the new adventures I will be having.


Jean-Loup said...

Congrats! Good luck there Derek. I am sure you will love it

Joey said...

" I am moving to South Korea to be and English teacher"

You'll do just fine.

george said...

Congratulations and Good Luck Derek!

Ah Korea! - where the land is either a rice patty or a mountain - sometimes both!

Mountain biking should be great - very technical - huge elevation changes. When you return to the states Panther may want you as their designated climber!