Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crash, Prime, Broken Chain and more!

So we returned to Superweek on Wednesday. I was the soigneur for the day of the Lake front road race and I handed off water bottles to greg, chris, will and others. It was a fun day and I made some new friends from rock racing and team type 1. I was glad to not be out there suffering for 100 miles. Thursday we raced in Racine on an awesome course. It had 8 turns and a lot of bumps. Halfway through the race the pack was down to about 45 riders out of the 90 or so starters and we had already been lapped by 4 or 5 riders. With 10 laps to go my chain started skipping and i realized it was about to break. So I pulled into the pit with 7 laps to go and SRAM neutral support did an awesome job throwing a new one on and getting me back in the race! Then they rang the prime bell for 40 bucks and I realized that was more than a 25th place finish so I attacked and got it. They rang it again and I tried to keep pushing but I had blown pretty hard and got caught by an Austrian rider with about 50 meters to the line. There was 2 laps to go then and I finished at the back of the pack but at least I got a little bit of money.
Yesterday was kenosha and it was fast!! I went with a few early breaks and wasn't riding super well. With 15 to go I bumped a guys wheel and went down by the start finish line. Don't worry though all I got was some minor scrapes on my knee and elbow. I felt pretty stupid because the crash was my fault. I think i was getting a bit dehydrated and I will definitely bring 3 bottles with me tonight. Chris pulled off and awesome 11th place finish though!
Tonight is the Downer Avenue race which should be awesome and our hosts Mark and MJ will be there to watch us hopefully pull off a good finish! Sunday is the downtown Chicago criterium which has a ton of prize money we will hopefully win!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha... I thought skilled racers never crash.

Nice job grabbing that prime though.