Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Super Week AHHH!

I have done 2 days of superweek so far and have been pretty happy with how I have been riding but it hasn't really shown in the results yet. Richton park was pretty good I attempted to lead chris to the front on the last lap but he had jumped off my wheel so I wasted my energy and ended up 27th 2 spots out of the money. Chris ended up in 13th though! Yesterday in Arlington heights we had a really tough course and over half the field got dropped. At one point there was a split and Chris was in a lead group of 20 with myself in a pack of less than 30 riders. After 10 or so laps it all came back together. Going into the sprint I was feeling good and I moved into 5th position going into a bunch of tight corners. Unfortunatly I bumped into a guy and knocked my front wheel a bit out of alignment and unclipped my left foot at the same time. So with 1km to go I was unclipped in 5th spot in the pack. So I rolled in a the back of the pack and discovered my fixed my wheel. Very frustrating!!! I was pretty mad at myself for losing the opportunity for a good result. My main goal here is to get in some tough racing so I can be in really great shape for the big crits in August. Today chris and I are racing in Bensenville and then going home for a few days. We are racing some crits near Dayton OH this weekend and then coming back to Superweek for a few more days after that.

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