Monday, July 20, 2009

Troy and Miamisburg!

Saturday we raced in Troy, OH and we pretty much totally panthered(dominated) that race! Jeremy and Paul went 1 and 2. Chris took the field sprint for 4th and greg and i were 10 and 11th. Andy Clarke our manager also raced like a champ and took a bunch of primes! The course was sweet with a lot of turns and a round-about. Kenda and TX roadhouse were there and it was a big battle betwen us.
Sunday we raced in Miamisburg, OH on another good course with a small brick section. Despite our best attempts at breaking away nothing went and the race came down to a field sprint. Ryan and I went into the last 2 corners in pretty good position (both top 10 with a long finish straight) but then the whole kenda train of 3 riders crashed and we slammed on our brakes and lost momentum. Luckily Chris and Jeremy launched around it and got 4th and 5th. Not as great as we had hoped but still pretty good. We are heading back up to Super Week on Wednesday for the road race but I am going to play soigneur for the team and hand off water bottles since 150km road races aren't exactly my thing. I will definitely be hunting for that elusive top 10 superweek finish in the final crits though! My legs are feeling pretty good and this is my last big race/training block before August!

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