Thursday, July 16, 2009

Super Week Yeah!

I had a much better day at super week yesterday in Bensenville. Chris and I both raced very aggressively trying to get in break aways. About halfway through the 60 lap race I was in a break that lasted for about 10 laps but unfortunatly we weren't working well together and got caught. I kept trying to go with moves as did chris but we missed the winning 10 man move!! Darn! I did make it into the next move though and I thought for a while we might catch the leaders. We missed them but sprinted it out for 12th or something like that. I placed 16th and made the hardest won 55 bucks of my life! We went home last night and are racing in Ohio this week before going back to superweek next week! I am definitely feeling much better at this point in the season this year than I did last year when I was burned out. It must be the fact that I barely got to train over the winter. I hope it pays off with some good race results for the rest of the season!

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