Monday, July 27, 2009

Downer Avenue and Chicago Criterium

The big super week race on Downer Avenue in Milwaukee was on Saturday evening. it was fast from the get go and all of us from panther were trying to get in a big break. Paul eventually got into a group that lapped the field while I rode near the front of the pack trying to jump into chase groups which didn't really go anywhere. I tried to get a prime but my legs had no sprint. I think I was getting tired from all of the racing over the past 2 weeks. Once Paul lapped we tried to get him to the front but it was really crazy and fast and we were unable to get him past the top 30. Paul finished 7th and I was like 30th.
Sunday was the downtown Chicago criterium and a huge field of over 150 riders showed up. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and mild temperatures. I was really feeling tired today because we weren't able to get lunch because we left late. So I was pretty much starving the whole race. I was able to thow down in one short lived break away and I tried to help chris move up at the end but the race was extremly fast and hard to stay at the front of. The team rode really well as a whole with everyone attacking a lot but no one really had anything for the sprint. I am happy to be done with this huge block of racing and ready to rest and prepare for Downer's grove and the Marion Classic which are my last 2 big races of the season.

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