Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Biking and a friends wedding!

Last weekend a friend of mine who I met at the summer camp 4 years ago got married. He is an identical twin and his brother was engaged too so they decided to have the wedding together! It was pretty cute seeing identical twins get married on the same day in the same place! He was a really nice guy who I did some back packing trips with when i was here 4 years ago. The wedding was good and it was fun because I got to see a lot of my old friends from the summer camp!! Not to much else exciting happened I hung out with my friends friday and met Yujin on Sunday. I had a really great mountain bike ride yesterday too and I am feeling pretty good for the TTT this weekend. I hope my teammates are also feeling good. It would be fun to take a nice team victory. Its really nice that its almost summer. The weather is great for riding and it doesn't get dark till almost 8pm so I can get in a long ride after school. The only problem is I wish there were more road races here! In june there seems to be only hill climbs and mountain bike races(which Im usually ok at if they are flattish but they tend have huge climbs in them here). Im excitied to race this weekend anyway!

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